Add on-screen titles to your Google Hangout

Add on-screen titles to your Google Hangout

#Hangout Lower Third is a fantastic new plugin for Google Hangouts.

And thanks to #Robert Scoble for sharing this news.

Now you can add standard and custom on-screen titles to your Hangouts – just like you see on the TV news everyday.

Feature list:
► Create a standard “Lower Third” title on-the-fly (name, tagline, logo)
► Or create your own custom overlay (see my example screenshot)

…and it’s very easy to do. There are two ways to install the plugin. Either go to which opens a new Hangout that auto installs the plugin. Or to manually install the plugin, go here:



So far i’ve only found it works in Google Chrome. I have tried Internet Explorer 9 and 10, as well as Firefox, but with no success.

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