Australia Day at Katoomba Airfield

Australia Day at Katoomba Airfield

As usual, we attended the annual Australia Day BBQ at Katoomba Airfield.

It was quite warm and sunny, so much fun was had by everyone. We didn’t play our traditional game of cricket today, although we brought the kit, but ended up playing bocce for hours.

Dave, Leo, and Rod were kind enough to resurrect the old swing-set for the girls – and after a little coaxing they eventually spent hours playing and climbing on it.

The highlight of the day was when the NPWS (National Park and Wildlife Service) aircraft, VH-NPW, came to land at the airfield. The pilot had to pick up an Air Assault Specialist (a fire spotter) as there were reports of bush fires near Orange. They ended up flying as far north as Gosford, down to Cowra, then across to Mudgee – and then flew back to YKAT at about 6.30pm to drop off the spotter.


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