Blue Mountains Tactical Assault Team

Blue Mountains Tactical Assault Team

Medal of Honor Warfighter is the latest multiplayer first person shooter game that I’ve been obsessive about.

Apart from the maps being a little too small, the game over all can be a bit of fun. But…

The thing that really annoys me is the standard configurations that nearly all the game server admins are choosing. They seem to be afraid to get deep into the game server config so as to make the game at least a challenge.

My biggest peeve, and that of my gaming mate BoneyardWrangler, is that the enemy is clearly visible, both being brightly outlined (even through walls) and with a huge bright label above their heads. It seems ludicrous to highlight the enemy so clearly. Because if you can see them like this, then they can see you the same way. It makes the game a pointless run-and-gun wild west. No tactics. No precision. Just mayhem.

Both BoneyardWrangler and I much prefer a tactical type game, where you move slow, consider your enemy, and use steely calm and precision to take the enemy out – and no MOHW server we have found so far is running this type of config.

So I decided to create my own MOHW server – and aptly naming it the Blue Mountains Tactical Assault Team.

By creating my own MOHW server, I can now choose every custom config available – and have been able to create a fullly immersive, hard-core, and tactical game – that is also ranked. Gone are the highlighted and labelled enemys. Good old stealth is back.

If you’d like to play a decent tactical match, that takes a little cunning and effort, then please come and visit by either pointing your game directly to or searching in-game for the Blue Mountains Tactical Assault Team.


So how did I take the screenshots from within the game? It took a bit of figuring out actually. There is no easy way within MOHW to take a screenshot, as the normal methods just don’t work. I ended up having to install a free program called FRAPS. This allows not only the taking of quality screenshots within the game, but also gives the ability to record a movie of your match, plus can measure the FPS (frames per second) performance of your gaming environment – in case you want to tweek.

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