Mozart gets to Tango

Mozart gets to Tango

I was surprised to get an update alert on my Mozart WP7 yesterday – and then eager to get home to find out what was in store for me.

 Once plugged in to Zune I discovered I had two updates waiting for me:

·         7.10.8112 Windows Phone 7.5 Consumer Refresh 2

·         7.10.8773 Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh – codename “Tango”

 These updates make the following changes:

·         Better media messaging

·         Ability to send ringtones via MMS

·         Export and manage contacts to SIM card

·         Support for low-cost devices with 256 MB RAM and low clock CPU

·         New wallpapers

·         Letter indexing

·         More reliable notifications

·         Attachment download with Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server

·         Faster numeric PIN response

The whole update process took about 23 minutes.

 I understand there are two more updates to come, 8779 and 7.8, and these will be the final updates for Windows Phone 7, but I have no idea when they will be released. So watch this space.


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