Windows Phone 7 – Jump Lists

Windows Phone 7 – Jump Lists

There is now a very easy way to navigate around your Windows Phone 7. This is by using a small feature that usually goes unnoticed – the Jump List.

The Jump List is the letter indexing found on the Windows Phone 7, and is now active in the apps, People (contacts), and Music+Videos lists – and I find it incredibly useful.

So how does this work. You can touch any “letter” heading in a list to bring up an “alphabet” list that allows you to quickly jump to any apps, contacts, or Music+Videos that start with that letter. Once you start using this feature you’ll find that it’s so much faster than flicking up and down looking for a particular app, contact, or Music+Videos.

I have seen some threads on forums asking if this feature can be deactivated, and the answer is no. But why would you – it’s such a useful feature.

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  • I thought this could replace my HTC TP2, but no, I have a 16Gb card at the moment which is nearly full, so no use to me. Also still not convinced about WP7 and business use.