Hi, I am The Zedman…..and this is my blog.

So who am I?…… and why do my comments matter?

Well, for starters I have worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, focusing on senior IT management, including many large and nationally significant programs – so I know what i’m talking about.

As an example of a previous project, I led the development and deployment team that rolled out Windows 7 laptops to over 300,000 school students across New South Wales (Australia) – at the time this was the largest Windows 7 deployment in the world. See, I told you I know what i’m doing.

Then as an encore I did it again for NSW Police Force, where I upgraded their fleet of 20,000 Windows XP PC’s to Windows 7 – and all whilst under massive time pressure before the Microsoft XP support ran out and also managing to keep their computing environment online and active – even in the middle of historic terrorism events ! See, I’m not just a pretty face !

Anyway, those that I work and interact with consider me to be an evangelist for technical innovation and technical improvements, and the direct business and people benefits these bring.

Being a technical evangelist, I’ve a keen eye for identifying business IT opportunities and to translating them into realistic easily adoptable solutions – I believe it is always best to fully understand the business problem so as to offer the best possible solution.

My mantra is to always keep solutions simple and easy to use – otherwise they won’t be adopted universally, and the business won’t reap the benefits.

And this is what my blog is about, so hopefully you’ll find something interesting, useful, and a good source of IT ideas and commentary from someone who knows what they’re talking about.