Here are some of the Zedmans customers:


John Wilson – Artist


John Wilson is one of Australia’s leading oil painters.

He grew up in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW. Now John is a Multi-Award winning artist, whose elegant paintings capture the more elusive qualities unique to the Australian landscape.

His works, considered highly collectable, are represented in private, corporate and public collections throughout Australia, and internationally.

John Wilson is a Fellow of The Royal Art Society of NSW and the patron of the Society of Mountain Artists.

An ongoing exhibition of recent works may be viewed at his Gallery in Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW Australia. Or visit his web site at johnwilsongallery.com

The Zedman maintains all of Johns IT infrastructure and is his key technology consultant.




Katoomba Airfield

Katoomba Airfield

Katoomba Airfield, has been in operation for over 30 years, and provides a welcome stop for pilots and passengers of light single-engine and twin-engine aircraft.

Katoomba Airfield, or YKAT to the pilots, is situated in the Blue Mountains of Sydney, between Katoomba and Medlow Bath, at an altitude of 3280 feet.

YKAT is also the main base for fire fighting aircraft, both fixed wing and rotor, during the regular bush fires throughout the Blue Mountains.

Not only is the Zedman one of the local pilots at YKAT, but he also maintains the IT and telecommunications infrastructure at the airfield.


Mummy to Twins Plus One Blog

Mummy To Twins Plus One Blog

The Mummy to Twins Plus One blog is an evolving project for its creator Suzanne Robinson to document what is happening with her, and her twins girls and son.

The blog and her other social sites are a way of building a community about twins, children, life and the wonderful stories that happen as a mother.

Visit the Mummy to Twins Plus One Blog at mummytotwinsplusone.com

The Zedman maintains all of the back-end IT infrastructure for the blog, and acts key technology consultant for new innovations.