Sydney HIA Home Show

Sydney HIA Home Show

HIAhomeshowWe went to the Sydney HIA Home Show on Saturday, which was at the convention centre at Darling Harbour.

There were hundreds of exhibitors, but few that were really interesting. To that point, there were a whole bunch of “solar panel” exhibitors. Why so many selling the same thing, as it’s not like the solar panels were different. It was obvious it was just a money grab by the home show organisers. The same goes for many of the other stalls – many were repetitive.

And here’s the thing; why do you have to pay to go to these type of exhibitions? The home show organisers obviously charge the exhibitors a wad load of cash to show their wares, but then they also charge the general public to look at these same wares? Serious double dipping here. It’s not like Coles or Woolies charge us an entry fee to visit their supermarkets (although I bet they wished they could), so why does the home show? Again I can only put it down to a money grab. But I shouldn’t complain, as I wish I’d thought of it.

On two positive notes; Bradford were on show, displaying their insulation, ventilation, and solar products. As was Hebel (autoclaved aerated concrete panels and blocks). See the attached photos.

An interesting aside – note the two PC screens you see in the Hebel photos. These are touch screens, and I designed and built the interface, which I’m most proud of actually.

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