Create your own radio station

Create your own radio station

A couple of weeks ago one of my best friends started his own radio station.

George Mihalos is the Program Director for radio station 2GN/Eagle FM in Goulburn NSW (Australia). He didn’t quit his day job to achieve this. But “through the power of the internet” was able to set up an online streaming radio station very easily – he’s called his station Radio Whatever, have a listen to his eclectic choice of tunes. 

So how did George manage this mammoth task – very simply actually, by using an online service called Radionomy. This French based service provides users the ability to create their own online radio stations – all the music content, author rights, program scheduling, audience reporting, and even allowing you to broadcasting advertising – and all for free.

Once your station is up and running – and they even provide a free “radio manager” application to do this – you and your audience can listen either from your PC/Mac/iPad, or your smartphone (iPhone/Android/WindowsPhone7).

I’ve been listening to George for the past few weeks either at home on my Win8 PC, or when I’m driving to and from work on my WindowsPhone7 – and the audio quality is amazing (streaming in at 128kbit).

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  • Marrowsm

    Sounds good James.  I just tuned in to catch La Grange by ZZ Top.  I’m enjoying your blog by the way!

  • thezedman

    Yeah, Georges online radio station is quite good, although occasionally a crap song or two slips in – but in the main some good beats. And i’m glad you enjoy my posts. It’s great to get the feedback. Thanks.