Overnight storm damage

Overnight storm damage

featureIt’s been seriously windy in the upper mountains overnight – reaching in excess of 105km/h. Very very gusty. So I fully intended to wake up and find much twigs and branches everywhere – and I did.

But I didn’t expect to find a very large tree branch had been ripped off and thrown across our fence. We’re lucky it got ripped off in the northerly direction, over the fence, as if it went west it would have pulled down our power lines to the house.

I had to fire up the chainsaw and cut it up before it damaged the fence – which it didn’t luckily.

And boy, it’s friggin windy and cold outside at the moment – note my mountain attire in the photos. Also have a look at the current conditions in Katoomba – note the “feels like” and the “wind gusts”.

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