Our Mobile Planet

Our Mobile Planet

I came across this brilliant online charting tool for smartphone adoption and usage, courtesy of my brother-in-law Frank Warwick, and his ever informative Google+ stream.

The “Our Mobile Planet” web site allows you to learn about smartphone adoption and usage across 40 countries, including Australia. You’re able to create detailed custom charts that give deep insights into the mobile consumer, which in-turn facilitates direct data-driven decisions when marketing to the mobile consumer. These charts can be downloaded in both png and csv format for use in presentations and documents.

The research that feeds this online charting tool was commissioned by Google, of course, and provides deep dives into the use of search, video, social and email behaviour, as well as mobile research and purchase intentions.

They have even published an Australian centric 42 page analysis of “understanding the mobile consumer”, see attached:


This analysis is a very compelling read – and if you’re not interested in the Australian research then there are reports for 25 other countries such as the USA and the UK.

From the Executive Summary:

  • Businesses that make mobile a central part of their strategy will benefit from the opportunity to engage the new constantly connected consumer.
  • Extending advertising strategies to include mobile and developing integrated cross-media campaigns can more effectively reach today’s consumers.
  • Ensuring that clickable phone numbers appear in local results and leveraging location-based services on mobile make it easy for consumers to connect directly with businesses.
  • Having a mobile optimised site is critical and a cross-channel strategy is needed to engage consumers across the multiple paths to purchase.
  • Making mobile ads a part of an integrated marketing strategy can drive greater consumer engagement.

If you want to learn more, then visit http://www.ourmobileplanet.com/en/.

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